Emergency & Exit Lighting

Transit Fire and safety can provide all mandatory testing, reporting and replacement of all emergency lighting required by Australian law.

Emergency lighting is a general term and is sub-divided into emergency escape lighting and standby lighting.

Emergency escape lighting – that part of an emergency lighting system that provides illumination for the safety of people leaving a location or attempting to terminate a potentially dangerous process beforehand.

Standby lighting – that part of an emergency lighting system provided to enable normal activities to continue substantially unchanged. This guide does not include standby lighting as it is not a legal requirement and is a facility that may or may not be needed, depending on the use and occupancy of the premises, etc.

Emergency escape lighting is itself sub-divided into escape route lighting, open area lighting and high risk task area lighting.

Escape route lighting – that part of an emergency escape lighting system provided to ensure that the means of escape can be effectively identified and safely used by occupants of the building.

Emergency Exit Light

Open area lighting  – that part of an emergency escape lighting system provided to minimise panic and ensure there is sufficient illumination to allow the occupants of a building to reach a place where an escape route can be identified. These should be tested every 6 months as per AS1852-2012.

Fire Blankets

Having your fire blankets serviced on a regular basis ensures that in an emergency it will be in the best possible shape to fight a fire.

All of our fire blanket servicing is carried out in accordance with AS1851:2012 by our fully qualified technicians at your premises. Repairs to fire blankets are never carried out, as a straightforward replacement is the most cost effective repair.

In a non-domestic environment AS1851:2012 requires all fire blankets to be serviced on a 6 monthly basis. You may also find that servicing is a requirement specified by your insurance company or may lead to a price reduction for your insurance policy if this is carried out.

Fire Extinguishers

We understand the importance of having fire extinguishers which are the correct types, ratings and quantities appropriate to the specific fire hazards within an environment.

Whatever environment fire extinguishers are required for, from a science laboratory to a commercial kitchen or even a vessel, at Transit Fire and Safety we provide solutions to all needs.

Our high quality fire extinguishers are all to Australian standards and come with a 5 year warranty from the manufacturer, making them suitable for all industrial, commercial, residential, domestic and marine applications. Plus, we offer comprehensive fire extinguisher servicing and maintenance packages to ensure fire extinguishers are kept in good working order and operate effectively in the event of fire.

Furthermore, if fire extinguishers are only required for fire protection on a short-term temporary basis, our flexible fire extinguisher hire packages can be tailored to suit all needs.

Fire extinguishers are a vital element of fire protection. To request a quotation for the supply and installation of fire extinguishers, or to arrange fire extinguisher hire or servicing, please contact us.

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